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Blue Oak Ranch

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Located five miles north of Springville, this 928-acre nature preserve is nestled among substantial public lands, including Giant Sequoia National Monument and Sequoia National Park. 

928 acres of oak and wildflowers

Blue Oak Ranch includes rolling blue oak woodland, chaparral and the headwaters of Sycamore Creek. Sitting within the Tule River area, the nature preserve protects an important corridor of habitat between the foothills and higher elevation streamside areas for rare mammals, like the Pacific fisher and for songbirds like the rare Swainson's thrush and black swift as they migrate between their summer and winter ranges.

Sequoia Riverlands Trust purchased the 928-acre Springville area nature preserve in 2005.

Conservation Stewardship Plan

By working with neighbors and the local community, a long-term conservation plan has been developed that includes grazing as a management tool.

What to do if you'd like to visit Blue Oak

Blue Oak Ranch is not currently open to the public on a regular basis, but SRT does hold special events there. We are also working to open the nature preserve for visitor use, which will include opportunities for horseback riding on the land. Check our online calendar or sign up for our e-newsletter to receive news updates and learn about programs at Blue Oak Ranch.

How to get to Blue Oak Ranch

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Blue Oak Ranch Preserve
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