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The Sequoia Riverlands Trust Board of Directors has the responsibility for governing the 501(c)(3) organization. The Board is responsible for determining agency policy in the following key areas: human resources, strategic planning, finance, development, community relations and operations.

Board members share the following responsibilities in these key areas:

Human Resources

  1. Board membership, which includes recruiting and orienting new board members; training, evaluating and recognizing existing board members, and providing board members with opportunities to grow and develop as leaders
  2. Selecting and supporting the President and CEO, including reviewing performance regularly and providing on-going assistance as requested by the President and CEO

Strategic Planning

  1. Set and review the organization’s mission and goals on an annual basis
  2. Plan for the organization’s short-term and long-term future
  3. Decide and plan which projects and programs the organization will provide
  4. Evaluate the organization’s programs and operations on a regular basis


  1. Ensure financial accountability of the organization
  2. Oversee an ongoing process of budget development, approval and review
  3. Manage and maintain properties and investments the organization possesses


  1. Ensure adequate resources to achieve the organization’s mission and implement the organization’s programs and projects
  2. Participate in fundraising activities based on the individual’s skill and background

Community Relations

  1. Ensure that the organization’s programs and services appropriately address community needs
  2. Promote the organization to the general public, including serving as an emissary of the organization to the community
  3. Promote cooperative action with other organizations, including activities and occasions when the organizations should take part in coalitions, joint fundraising, etc.


  1. Ensure that the organization’s administrative systems are adequate and appropriate
  2. Ensure that the board’s operations are adequate and appropriate
  3. Ensure that the organizational and legal structure are adequate and appropriate
  4. Ensure that the organization and its board members meet all applicable legal requirements

Requirements for Board Service

The following are requirements to serve on the Board of Directors:

  1.  A demonstrated interest in the organization’s mission and goals
  2. Specific experience and/or knowledge in at least one of the following areas: human resources, planning, finance, development, community relations, real estate transactions or operations, farming/ranching/natural resources
  3. Representation of a key aspect or segment of the community
  4. A willingness to expand knowledge of board responsibilities through orientation and ongoing training
  5. A willingness to represent the organization to the community
  6. A willingness to participate in Board fundraising activities, retreats and events, and make a personal financial contribution to the organization to the best of one’s ability
  7. A willingness to commit eight to twelve hours per quarter, distributed approximately as follows:
    • Board meetings (3-6 hours)
      • Preparation and attendance – must attend in person at least 80% of the time, and by video conference when unable in person
      • Note that meetings are quarterly - allow for up to six hours every three months
    • Committee Meetings (1-3 hours)
    • Special Requests (1-3 hours)