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SRT History

For two decades, dedicated citizens from our local community have committed their time, skills, energy and financial resources to conserve the scenic beauty and quality of life in our Central California Sierra foothill, river and San Joaquin Valley floor landscapes. SRT's beginnings can be traced back to three organizations in the Visalia, Three Rivers, and Springville areas. The three worked separately, but had similar visions for conservation based on respect for people, the economy, agricultural resources, wildlife habitat, and the enjoyment of nature.

Our precursor organization, the Sierra Los Tulares Land Trust, was established in November 2000 following a consensus decision to merge those three groups: the Four Creeks, Kaweah and Tule Oaks land trusts.

Merging the three land trusts strengthened the organization by combining expertise and talented individuals from throughout the county. Carole Combs was the first volunteer Executive Director. In March 2002, the Board of Directors hired Sopac “Soapy” McCarthy Mulholland as the first paid Executive Director. In 2003, the organization was rebranded Sequoia Riverlands Trust.

Executive Director Cam Tredennick succeeded Mulholland upon her retirement in November, 2019.

SRT works in the southern Sierra Nevada and San Joaquin Valley in the Kings, Kaweah, Tule and Kern River watersheds, and into the Tulare Lake Basin of Fresno, Tulare, Kern and Kings counties. We are a regional nonprofit organization that serves landowners who are interested in voluntarily conserving their land. SRT strives to educate community members who are interested in conservation and land stewardship, and to inspire new land conservationists.

We would like to recognize the contributions and leadership of the following visionary individuals from each of the original chapters, for they began Tulare County's land trust and conservation movement:

Four Creeks Chapter

  • Greg Collins
  • Dan Dooley
  • Dick Dooley
  • Do Dooley
  • Carole Frate
  • Alan George
  • Rob Hansen
  • Bill Hobbs
  • Jim Kautz
  • Nancy Jenner
  • Greg Kirkpatrick
  • Irene Lindsay
  • Mike Lozito
  • Brian Newton
  • Susan Silva-Treadwell
  • John Slaven
  • Scott Spear
  • Ginger Strong
  • Jose Velesco
  • Ernie Vierra
  • Richard Webb
  • Jeanne Wheaton

Kaweah Chapter

  • Gordon Bergthold
  • Howard Blielie
  • Carole Combs
  • Susan Darsey
  • Garry Kenwood
  • Rick Kimble
  • Caroline Loeb
  • George Loeb
  • Annette MacGregor
  • Kathleen McCleary
  • Stan Pavlou
  • Jean Replogle
  • Trudy Schuckert
  • James Seligman
  • Elizabeth Scott-Graham
  • Bill Tidwell
  • Bill Tweed
  • Jim Wells
  • Mary Becker Wells
  • Elizabeth Wilcox

Tule Oaks Chapter

  • Gary Adest
  • Barbara Brydolf
  • Billie Chandler
  • Robert Krase
  • Carol Manning
  • Terry Manning
  • Elli Norris
  • Joan Stewart
  • Gay Ver Steeg
  • Elizabeth Wilcox
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