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SRT provides farmland and other mitigation services to the building industry, local governments and businesses who seek to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

When it has been determined that farmland loss needs to be mitigated for under the California Environmental Quality Act, our trust administers the generated funds or resources and partners with a farmer interested in utilizing them to conserve their farm.

Farmland conservation and land-use policies vary from county to county. Currently, there are inconsistent farmland policies in the counties SRT serves. Most of the farmland mitigation funds generated to this point have resulted from litigation by farmland and land-use advocates. Developers and these advocacy groups rely upon SRT to enable them both to realize their farmland mitigation settlement agreements.

Mitigation for farmland loss recognizes that our land and its farmers are of irreplaceable value both economically within our region and to the future food security of our country.

SRT recently has expanded our mitigation services to public utilities, such as PG&E, and solar power farms, creating a template for future work with such entities.

For more information, contact Courtney Barnes, Director of Land Transactions, at (559) 738-0211 Ext. 122, or by email at