Over the last two decades SRT has not only worked to protect lands across Central California, but has also pioneered programs to educate students in the Central Valley, helped farmers and ranchers protect and preserve agricultural land, and managed the seven preserves under SRT's stewardship. SRT works towards inspiring the love and lasting protection of natural lands through working with the community and encouraging them to be ambassadors of change.

To date, Sequoia Riverlands Trust has protected more than 40,000 acres.

  • SRT owns and manages seven nature preserves that protect 4,120 acres of remnant landscapes, woodland communities and wildlife habitat.
  • SRT holds conservation easements on more than 22,835.23 acres of protected land, most of them on working farms and ranches.
  • SRT has also collaborated with agencies, other nonprofit conservation organizations and landowners to protect almost 4,700 additional acres, including 2,387 acres with deed restrictions on Bureau of Land Management land within Carrizo Plain National Monument.

Interested in visiting one of the preserves? Check out the What You Can Do section for more details.