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Get outside! That's where the learning starts.

Outdoor Education

At Sequoia Riverlands Trust we strive to help our community understand the importance of their natural home in the Central Valley. It is within our nature to seek a sense of place and belonging – a home to care for. We believe that it is not possible to care for what you do not understand. As educators, we play a most vital role in this respect:  To educate the future leaders of our community through activating their curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom–all of which connects students to their community for a lifetime. SRT partners with area schools and teachers to provide a special type of comprehensive learning, both indoors and outside–but mostly outdoors! Our Outdoor Education programs are designed to supplement educational curriculum with hands-on understanding, transforming learning into an unforgettable experience.                                

Students grades K-12, ecology clubs, and adults can all gain understand of the amazing world around us through SRT programs. Whether in-class or on one of our nature preserves, SRT can begin an amazing journey into outdoor education for learners of any age. Options include: 

Field trips are designed to bring each student back to the natural world while participating in hands-on learning with curriculum that follows California's Common Core standards in Math, Science, Writing and History/Social Studies. Our goal is to bring each student back into the natural world where they are introduced to the habitat and wildlife right in their own back yard. Currently we offer field trips to both our Dry Creek and Kaweah Oaks preserves.

In-class programs bring nature into the classroom–guaranteed to make learning FUN!

After-school programs in conjunction with groups like the Boys & Girls Club, Pro-Youth HEART, and Choices, can reinforce classroom learning with fun activities onsite and at our preserves.

Project-Based Learning opportunities are designed to teach your students about applying their learning within any number of community stewardship projects both ongoing and customized.

Private preserve tours for education groups and organizations, to learn more about our region’s ecology and history. Our instructors will guide your group through natural areas while leading activities suited to your preferred subject matter, and teach about the history and importance of protecting our open spaces and natural resources. 

Monthly walks/talks are free and open to the public, and cover a variety of topics including night hikes, wildlife, plant restoration, bird walks, gall walks, scat walks, and astronomy–among others!

SRT field trips and other educational experiences are also affordable. Costs are below, and scholarships are often available so be sure to inquire about them or other discounts.

SRT Field Trip Costs

Please complete the registration form if you are interested in having a Sequoia Riverlands Trust Educator provide educational programming in your class, or in the field at one of our beautiful preserves.

A) Please complete ONE FORM PER PROGRAM DATE/TIME and our staff will contact you to confirm this date for your program or field trip. For school's scheduling more than one visit, or more than one program, it is imperative that a separate registration form be filled out for each.

Special accommodations can be made to host larger groups. Please contact Bud Darwin, the Education and Volunteer Director, at bud@sequoiariverlands.org or (559) 738-0211 for more information.


D) Once scheduled, please use Standard SRT Liability Form below for each participant.

Kaweah Oaks Preserve
1 to 15 students - $125.75
16 to 30 students - $209.30
31 to 45 students -$298.98
46 to 60 students -$388.98

Dry Creek Preserve
1 to 15 students -$138.99
16 to 30 students -$222.78
31 to 45 students -$306.57

Blue Oak Ranch
1 to 15 students -$174.07
16 to 30 students -$315.95
31 to 45 students -$440.95
46 to 60 students $565.95

Sequoia Riverlands Trust firmly believes in the need for human contact with the natural world. Whether it’s taking an afternoon stroll with someone you appreciate or running barefoot through the woods, our goal is to make nature accessible to everyone. 

To schedule your class or group’s program, check out open days on the calendar below, then fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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