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SRT acquires newly-conserved Kern County land in Antelope Plains

May 18, 2022 by Aaron

(BAKERSFIELD, CA) - Sequoia Riverlands Trust recently announced that it has expanded its already-vast 44,000+ acre total of conserved land with a newly-acquired agricultural conservation easement in the South San Joaquin Valley near Antelope Plains in Kern County.

This easement is significant from a conservation perspective as it is part of SRT's ongoing efforts in Kern County to protect highly suitable and existing occupied habitat for several species, such as the state threatened San Joaquin antelope squirrel (Ammospermophilus nelsoni) by conserving over 795 acres of high-quality natural habit which will also benefit the San Joaquin kit fox (Dipodymys nitratoides) and blunt-nosed leopard lizard (Gambelia sila).

SRT is partnering on the project with Westervelt Ecological Services, LLC, the landowner and land manager for the project. According to SRT Land Transactions Director Courtney Barnes, "Working with a great partner like Westervelt Ecological Services is such a pleasure. It makes my job very enjoyable, and their knowledge and experience are invaluable." 

While the new easement at the far south of the Valley may be at the farther reaches of SRT's area of operation, it is not the most distant; SRT also operates as far south as northern Los Angeles County.

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