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SRT Advancement Team fosters vital Giving Tuesday for region

October 21, 2021 by Aaron

In the belief that a "rising tide lifts all boats" SRT is partnering with other Central California nonprofit organizations including United Way of Tulare County to create a community giving campaign. 

"We believe that by partnering with other organizations we will be able to advocate for each other and shine a light on the many way that people can give back to the community to make it stronger," said Nadia Omar, SRT Advancement Officer. ""The beauty of Giving Tuesday is that it encourages people to look at all the different ways you can give. Why not volunteer? How about a random act of kindness? Is there a local business or charity that you can buy from? There are so many ways we can contribute to our community where we live," Omar added.

For inspiring ways you can help make your community better, check out the group's 2021 Giving Calendar (entitled Radical Generosity) as the tradition of year-end giving approaches. And look for SRT's upcoming end-of-year appeal, full of great results to inspire your support of land and water protection throughout Central California.



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