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Spear completes interim ED service

October 21, 2021 by Aaron

Dear SRT Friends:

With the SRT Board’s recent appointment of Logan Huecker as SRT’s new Executive Director, this is my final Currents message as SRT’s [now former] Interim Executive Director. Please join me in congratulating Logan on her appointment and know that you will be hearing from her often as we join together anew in support of our important conservation cause.

I have truly enjoyed serving in this acting capacity, and have cherished the opportunity to work shoulder-to-shoulder with SRT’s hardworking and capable staff. This unexpected phase of my life has been one of its true highlights. Witnessing and helping to channel SRT’s many specialized skills, true passions, and diverse talents has been really quite amazing, and my hat is off to staff. For their collaboration, camaraderie, and enduring commitment to our organization’s success throughout this transition – before, during, and now, after – I offer my sincere thanks. Our organization is in great hands.

I would also like to thank our Board of Directors, who placed their trust in me to bridge the leadership transition and provide continuity from old to new, guiding our collective efforts. I have been on hand from SRT’s founding days to its present and I believe that we are well positioned and resilient in a way that will effectively help navigate us through shifting conditions ahead. As I reflect on the Board’s deep support drawn from a conservation community from around the region and around the country, I must say that it has been an honor to serve them, and I am especially gratified by their firm and ongoing commitment to the success of both our mission and our new leadership.

Complex as our organization’s challenges are–given water, land, and human issues and needs–we are genuinely excited to be entering this new era for SRT, with a clear vision of what is essential for the road ahead as we seek to inspire love and lasting protection for important lands. Our education department is inspiring a new generation of young nature learners who will be tasked with solving the environmental problems they will certainly face. We hope you, too, will be stirred to action, in support of the Golden State and its emerging solutions for water needs, to protect its many special places, and to maintain working lands that need protection in order to remain productive, healthy, and profitable.

Lastly, please know that this is anything but a goodbye. My commitment to SRT has taken many forms from its inception through my more than two decades of service. However, I expect a new era ahead full of new ways that I can express my – and our collective – commitment to this organization and our vital conservation cause. I hope you’ll stay in this effort with all of us here at SRT and become even more engaged. California needs us–including you–now more than ever.

R. Scott Spear
Former Interim Director, SRT

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