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SRT buys a truck

July 20, 2017 by Diane

With the help of our many donors and a couple of local businesses, SRT has finally bought a truck. Thank you to all who donated!
It wasn't easy finding something that fit our needs: Dual cab so multiple staff members could ride along, 4-wheel drive so we could get over hills and not get stuck in mud, a tow package to haul a loaded-up trailer, and, oh, really cheap price too! We are a not-for-profit organization after all, without much money to spare for niceties.
Our SequoiaFest in May was a fundraiser for this dreamed-of truck, and that helped cement our partnership with Sequoia Brewing Co. Their owner suggested we look to Executive Auto of Fresno for help finding our perfect vehicle. We made an appointment to meet with them - and found out that they had just taken in a trade that seemed to fit our needs exactly, including the price. Executive Auto generously helped keep the cost low so taxes and license fees didn't put us over our budget.
We brought our new baby home to a cheering staff at the SRT HQ. How fun! We'll be putting our new logo on the truck soon, so you won't be able to miss it tooling around the county.
And in other news, our Sequoia Brewing partners liked the first SequoiaFest so much, they wanted to do it again. So we will, on Thursday, Oct. 12. We hope to see you at Garden Street Plaza again that night. Final details to come, but here's a hint: Be ready for a new SBC brew with a great SRT connection!

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