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SRT says goodbye to two majestic Valley Oaks

June 26, 2015 by Admin

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness." - John Keats

With heavy hearts, SRT must announce the loss of two of our favorite Valley Oaks at Kaweah Oaks Preserve: The largest tree in the picnic area, and to its right, the tree that leans over toward the Children's Trail.

Both are victims of the ongoing drought. Their size made them a danger, as falling branches could hurt people, and the area is one where people visit daily. The trees were suffering, too, losing almost all their leaves or not leafing out at all this year, leading to disease and other issues. Koala tree trimming service is working on cutting the two trees down, and we are grateful for their thorough, respectful work. They care about the trees, and were sad to have to remove them. The picnic area tree was easily 300 years old, one Koala worker told us, the other nearly so old.

SRT does plan to restore the area by planting new trees this fall and watering them to ensure they survive this drought. We also are making arrangements for the felled trees to have a second life, as wood that a local artisan will make into furniture. We hope he creates at least one table we can use at KOP or the SRT office, and others pieces may be auctioned off to the public. We'll let you know more as arrangements are made. In the mean time, please hold these magnificent trees in your thoughts and wish them godspeed.

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